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22three Two-Stage Match

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Temporary Covid-19 Related Modification: We're making a couple slight modification to this Monday's Two-Stage Match to accommodate social distancing; keep the total number of people in the shooting bay to no more than 7 at a time; and to continue to allow you to train.

First, please sign up and pay online.

Second, please select a specific time-slot when you register online.

When you arrive, spread out on our large covered porch as you wait. Jon, our amazing instructor, will come get your group when it's time; escort you in; supervise, time and score the training match; and escort you out when it's all done. Expect to be in your section of the match for about 30 minutes.

That's it. We hope to see you Monday.

And for the customary Two-Stage Match lingo, keep reading...

Join us for this two-stage, timed and scored IDPA-style* match in a friendly environment. Stop by for one evening (2 stages) or two evenings and combine your scores for a 4-stage total. For $10 and as much or as little time as you like, you can shoot a standard IDPA stage to help determine your classification and see how you stack up, along with another stage to test your skills and try something new.

Stop in anytime between 5 and 8 p.m. to participate in the 2-stage match (although please check in by 7.) Everyone is welcome, but if you’re not sure you’re comfortable competing in a Two-Stage Match yet, participate in our Intro to Competitive Shooting Clinics.

We generally follow IDPA gun and gear guidelines, with a couple notable exceptions. We do not allow holsters with retention devices activated by pressing with your trigger finger. And, unless directed in the stage description, all pistols may be loaded to their physical capacity.

*While not an official IDPA match, each 22three Two-Stage Match is designed to give folks an exciting match and reduce barriers to entry to the fun, exciting and useful world of practical pistol competition.

The shown stage is an example.

Determined at checkout.