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22three Countering the Mass Shooter Threat Seminar (TBD)

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This seminar covers knowledge and tactics to thwart active shooters in public spaces, businesses, schools & places of worship. Find out what has been learned from an in-depth analysis of 165 Active Shooter events since Columbine. You will be given a clear snapshot of these events and specific information (including outlines and helpful checklists) to help you prepare to counter and survive an active shooter event.  Date: TBD

Part One

-Mass Shootings by the Numbers

-Would Reducing Magazine Capacity or Banning AR-15s Work?

-Do Gun Free Zones Help or Hurt?

-Does Victim Response Make a Difference?

-What Are Universal Checks, and Would They End Mass Shootings?

-What About No Fly Lists and the Terror Watch Lists?


Part Two

-Know the Signs

-Creating an Emergency Operations Plan

-Don’t Be an Easy Victim: Run, Hide or Fight

-How to Fight Back

-Triage and Treat the Wounded*

-Eliminating Gun-Free Zones

-Where Do We Go From Here?

*This seminar introduces trauma care and triage information but is not a replacement for our Trauma Care class, which is a separate 4-hr class dedicated to that topic.

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