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22three Ohio CCW Training

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AN UPDATE ON CLASS DEMAND AND OPEN DATES: Due to increased demand, our amazing instructors are working harder than ever to teach additional classes, continuing to make sure every person has a fantastic training experience! September and October are basically at capacity. For November and December, there will be CCW classes nearly every Friday and Saturday with many Tues/Wed. combo options as well ... and a few other dates thrown in. The preferred method to register is by selecting one of the available dates from the drop-down above and registering online or in person at our store. Classes through the first half of November have been added, and as soon as we work through a web glitch, the rest will appear as well. In the meantime, if you need a date later in November or in December, feel free to stop by the store.

ABOUT CCW: CCW training, our most sought after training class, is an 8-hour CCW program that includes 6 hours classroom and 2 hours practical range training. This class covers firearm safety, actions of various guns (how they function), fundamentals for shooting well, and live fire shooting and coaching to practice and improve your skills (and confidence). This class also covers the do’s and don'ts of Ohio law related to owning and potentially using a firearm in a defensive situation. We enjoy helping new and experienced shooters gain knowledge and advance their skills. While training classes are not refundable, they may be rescheduled with 5 days' notice. Read about our Covid-19 Response here. 

IF YOU CANNOT ADD A CLASS, or if you get and OOPS message, that class has reached its capacity.

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